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Little Family Tree

3.99 usd

Little Family Tree engages children with their personal family history through games and activities. Personal family history data is obtained by having an adult login to an online family tree such as FamilySearch, MyHeritage, or PhpGedView. An online family tree account is required to play the game but a FamilySearch account can be obtained for free at A MyHeritage account can also be made for free at with Little Family Tree will help children learn to:1. Identify family members by name, relationship, and picture2. Understand who and where they come from3. Recognize and navigate a family tree
Little Family Tree currently include the following games:* Photo Scratch-off* Picture Puzzle* Relationship Bubbles* Photo Matching* Tree I-Spy game* Culture Dress Up (Premium)* Photo Water Coloring (Premium)* Sing-A-Long activity (Premium)* Birthday card activity (Premium)* NEW! - Relative Rescue game (Premium)
Premium games may be tried up to 3 times, upgrade to continue playing.